Project Update

Oct. 15

I have decided not to use word clouds for my project anymore, because I really want to focus on maps and mapping out events, particularly during the Civil Rights era of the 1950s-1960s. I think that this time period has been neglected on the visual front, digitally, because there are very few maps, lists, tables, graphs etc. about particular occurrences during Civil Rights. What I want to do, is look at the Sit-ins, first with 1960. If I have enough time, and can properly execute the project, I seek to map and point every sit-in of that year. When you click on the reference point where the sit-in took place, the university affiliation, I hope to add the black population of the county, photographs of the particular event, main members/activists who started the specific sit-in, and a paragraph on the event itself. Thus, every point will be more than just statistics and facts, it will mark a continuation of the Sit-in story of 1960 that my digital audience will be able to follow and understand, and ultimately, look more into.

I will be using the information from the Civil Rights Center (Greensboro, NC) website for details on each sit-in, and a list of those in 1960. However, I am not sure yet of which mapping tool I will be using for this project. Most likely ArcGIS, but if it proves too difficult and time consuming, then I will revert to Google Maps.

Ultimately, my goal is to embed or create link to this map on a website that has more information on the Civil Rights movement as a whole, and of course, the Sit-in movement in particular. The success of this project really depends on how much time I have to collect and input and create everything, so I will be taking it step by step and trying to go a little farther every time.


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